LEYYA presents double-single ZOO/OH WOW

Summer is not just over yet: Leyya send you an unexpected, yet lasting piece of hot, hot heat right into your ears. Their first offering from the upcoming second album is a double-single.

While „Zoo“ gets you with a bubbly and hard-to-resist melody, it cleverly rails against societies pressure on you („I don’t give a shit what they say about me“). „Oh Wow“, on the other hand, tackles the feeling of being lost in a world of exactly those expectations.

Watch the video for “Oh Wow” here.
Watch the video for “Zoo” here.

Both tracks can be seen as somewhat of a bridge between 2016s „Spanish Disco“ and the forthcoming album „Sauna“ (due out in January 2018). The bands debut got them quite some attention, with tracks like „Superego“ and „Butter“ being airplayed all over the place from BBC1 to Radio Eins and Radio FM4, playlisted on your favourite streaming service to reach millions of plays and licensed into several commercials and TV shows all over the world.

But the band has much more to offer: Their songs only got them to be invited to numerous prestigous festivals like PrimaveraSound (Barcelona), Indie Week (New York), Reeperbahn Festival (Hamburg) and many more, with Consequence Of Sound naming their show at Reykjaviks Iceland Airwaves 2016 one of the most exciting ones at the festival (https://consequenceofsound.net/2016/11/iceland-airwaves-2016-festival-review-the-25-most-exciting-performances/2/) and Germanys reknowned Musikexpress praising their set at Europes most important showcase festival Eurosonic Noorderslag as „the best concert at the festival“. Earlier this year, Leyya won the Amadeus Austrian Music Award.

Needless to say, the bands October run across Europes clubs promises to be a highlight of the season.