LUCID LUCIA releases new song ‘REMINISCENCE’ from upcoming album

Check the single HERE.

Following the release of their critically acclaimed self-titled debut EP in 2021, Antwerp’s Lucid Lucia are set to release their debut album ‘Ever-changing Light’ on the 7th October  via the groove-obsessed Belgian tastemaker label, Sdban Ultra.

Searching to unwrap the mystery that is a human life, across nine tracks of jazz and space funk-infused grooves, Lucid Lucia look to the sound of Herbie’s ‘Head Hunters’ and Miles’ acid funk of the mid-70s for inspiration.

Third single ‘Reminiscence’ is a joyous composition written by Vincent Brijs, celebrating the memories that shape our lives & identities, where a melody of 4 bars repeats and evolves over a sequenced chord progression of 5 bars and Belgian trumpet hero Sam Vloemans gets a special feature. ‘Remeniscence’ is also available in Dolby Atmos, each sound is placed exactly where the band wants it to go, for a more realistic and immersive audio experience.

Born from the ashes of fusion outfit BRZZVLL, Lucid Lucia were founded by saxophonist Vincent Brijs, a household name in Antwerp and the Belgian jazz scene. Former winners of the Jong Jazztalent Gent, BRZZVLL released their debut album ‘Days of Thunder, Days of Grace’ in 2008 and would go on to release five more albums including teaming up with Trinidad-born poet, novelist and musician Anthony Joseph on the 2014 critically acclaimed album ‘Engines’ and with hip-hop MC, writer and producer Amir Sulaiman on the 2016 album ‘First Let’s Dance’. The 2017 album ‘Waiho’, the band’s first instumental album and final album received glowing praise from numerous tastemakers including UNCUT magazine, The Line of Best Fit, XLR8R and Record Collector magazine. To the present day and Lucid Lucia marks a brighter, clearer sound for the sextet.

30/9, De Studio Antwerp
8/10, C-Mine, Genk
12/10, OPEK, Leuven
21/10, Handelsbeurs Gent