LYENN on tour with MARK LANEGAN & new album in 2014

Those relying on short-term-memory will likely recognise Fred ‘Lyenn’ Jacques as one third of Dans Dans (alongside Bert Dockx and Steven Cassiers), an instrumental formation that created quite a buzz this year. Or might have caught him at work as Mark Lanegan’s bass player on one of his recent tours.

But above all Fred ‘Lyenn’ Jacques is of course Lyenn, the extremely talented multi-instrumentalist from Brussels, and part-time New Yorker, whom  – with a little help from friends like Marc Ribot, Shahzad Ismaily and some of New York’s other finest – debuted in 2009 with the magnificent album “The Jollity Of My Boon Companion”, an album that scored high in many journalists’ year-end lists.

Meanwhile Lyenn’s intense live shows didn’t go unnoticed either: playing some solo, others as a duo or trio or even with a six-headed band (with e.g. bass clarinet, drums, guitars, bass, electronics and more), no two sets are ever the same. Using a wide variety of instruments sparingly and soberly and a vocal range that penetrates deep layers of emotion, pure and instictive, Lyenn plunges the listener into a chilling, tension-filled but very rewarding journey.

Ever since the rather silent release of vinyl EP “Vowels Fade First”, we have been eagerly awaiting another full album. Having finished recordings in Iceland, Berlin and New York in-between tours, the foundation is now in place. After some (undoubtedly sublime) finishing touches early 2014 a new Lyenn record may be expected within the next year.

Until that time Lyenn keeps trotting the globe. These days he is touring with Mark Lanegan again, pulling double shifts as both Lanegan’s sidekick and (solo) support act. Both gentlemen took the stage in Brussels last night for the first of 2 sold-out shows at the Flagey Theater.

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