MALKY launch new single THEODORE!

‘Theodore’ is the current single from Malky’s new album ‘Where Is Piemont?’. The song illustrates in an exemplary manner the manifold sources of inspiration from which the Leipzig artists draw, creating their best work so far. Daniel Stoyanov (vocals) and Michael Vajna (production & keyboards) were the first to develop their own way of creating an internationally valid musical language. For their second album ‘Where Is Piemont?’, the Leipzig duo has finally found an ingenious musical style, somewhere between the sovereignty of glamourous seventies soul, European folklore, American field recordings and the sound of Frank Sinatra’s Las Vegas.

An impressive example of the sublime authority that Malky’s craftmanship-based art has achieved is “Theodore”, the new single from ‘Where Is Piemont?’. The song begins with a Renaissance-like intro and the words “It’s strange to face a life unlived”, before morphing into a flamenco, imagining Georges Moustaki, Jacques Brel, Scott Walker and finally becoming the manifestation of pop existentialism of a special class.

It’s about loss and hope and transience. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly but it actually doesn’t really matter. Malky operate with powerful linguistic images that always leave enough room for the imagination. ‘Theodore’ evokes shaky pictures of walks in solitary rugged mountain regions and Andalusian villages. It is a dream dance, an almost transcendent borderline experience. Shapes start to blur and human dramas take their course.

All this is accompanied by the rattling of the castanets and melodramatically fluttering strings. The vocals are in constant basic stress, at times gently encircling, then again repetitively punchy. Malky’s understanding of songwriting is a strictly classical one. The duo see it as the art of telling great stories and putting them to music. This is their great strength – and rarely has it been so cleverly executed and precisely performed as on ‘Theodore’.

Watch the video for ‘Theodore’ here.

‘Where Is Piemont’ wil be released on April the 14th through Eighty Days Records and a Sony distribution.

9/05: AB Club, Brussels