Emotional dance anthem ‘Those Were The Days’ is the result of the Hungarian Progressive House duo Stadiumx paired with the unique voice and intimate lyrics of US singer/songwriter Marc Scibilia. Together, they are on the path to having the ultimate summer hit single.
Listen to ‘Those Were The Days’ here.

Starting from an early age, the Buffalo born Scibilia lived and breathed music. Growing up surrounded by a musical family, the now 30-year old began drumming at the tender age of six and tried his hand at songwriting.

In addition to his own songs, Scibilia also pens lyrics for artists and has already toured with James Bay, John Oats and other acclaimed musicians. With Dávid Nagy aka Dave Martin and Zsolt Milichovszki aka Sully of Stadiumx, Marc Scibilia has now found two musical partners, who once again raise his special voice to a new level.

In the past, Stadiumx have proved their skills with remixes for David Guetta, Robbie Rivera, and Robin Schulz and their great harmonies mixed with stadium-ready sounds. ‘Those Were The Days’ adds to their impressive repertoire.