MINTZKOV launches new single ARENA!

‘Arena’, the new Mintzkov single from the album ‘Sky Hits Ground’, just might be the most typical Mintzkov song ever made. Wayward rhythms, raging
guitars, and yet the song sports that typical rock swing. Those who alreadysaw Mintzkov play live, already know the song, because it’s about the only
one they always play.

The song didn’t particularly write itself. Singer Philip Bosschaerts:

“Some songs have to age before you can finish them, before you feel ready to play them or release them as singles. Arena was one of the first songs we
had before Sky Hits Ground, but also the one we waited the longest with. Sometimes songs write themselves , and then there’s nothing you can do but wait. Period. From the start on, I wanted to write a protest song around a way of acting, just to see whether I had anything like that in me at all, whether I could use protest as a means of songwriting. In hindsight, things went about their own way. Which is obviously fine, as long as the result is good. For the first time in our career, we were dropped on for the high recording volume. Because even three floors higher (and presumably three buildings
further as well), people could féél the feedback from the intro guitar through the walls. It wasn’t too long before they asked us whether that was really necessary. Our answer was clear: yes. If there had been sound limits at the studio, Arena would never have lived to see this day.”

Watch the video for ‘Arena’ here

Concert dates
Friday 14/11 – N9, Eeklo
Thursday 20/11 – Café Cirque, Roeselare
Friday 28/11 – JH De Mans, Meeuwen
Saturday 29/11 – Club64, Hoboken
Tuesday 9/12 – Handelsbeurs, Gent
Friday 12/12 – De Klinker, Aarschot
Saturday 20/12 – Togenblik, Beveren