MINTZKOV launches new single OLD WORLDS!

‘Old Worlds’ is the new single from their album “Sky Hits Ground”
The song got a new edit and mix by Reinhard Vanbergen (Das Pop).
Philip Bosschaerts, singer and guitar player with Mintzkov, on ‘Old Worlds’: “’Old Worlds’ was about the first song that was ready for Sky Hits Ground. The basics even were already there during the sessions for the previous record (Rising Sun, Setting Sun) but then we didn’t have the time to wrap it up. Starting off as a rugged riff, the song soon got its current form. I call it “Taliban rock” because of the somewhat Oriental sounding elements in certain melodies.
The song is about choices and knowing the consequences they will have. “You can call it an echo repeating, slowly fading but hanging around”.

Mintzkov will be touring in Holland the next weeks, but on March the 1st, they will be in concert at the Botanique for AB-Bota.
01/03/2014: Botanique (AB/BOTA), Brussels
08/03/2014: De Zwerver, Leffinge
30/04/2014: Vooruit (Volta), Gent