MORRISSEY release new album ‘CALIFORNIA SON’

Check out the album here!

Released via Morrissey’s label Etienne, an imprint of BMG, the track list comprises of a diverse variety of tracks from the ‘60’s and ‘70’s hand picked by Morrissey himself.

Flexing his vocal muscles to pop, glam rock and folk, on this album Morrissey has even finally become a protest singer taking on Dylan and Phil Ochs. His distinct baritone vocal naturally makes each of these songs quintessentially his own whilst staying true to the originals. It’s clear Morrissey’s voice is stronger than ever as the influential singer looks back on the songs that shaped and influenced him.
‘California Son’ has been produced by Joe Chiccarelli and will comprise of 12 cover tracks. The first track to be released is a cover of Roy Orbison’s ‘It’s Over’ with additional vocals by LP, the American singer who herself is a revered songwriter. The album includes also ‘It’s Over’, written at the height of Orbison’s fame and became an instant hit in 1964 topping the charts in the UK. With Orbison famed for his soaring falsetto, and soul bearing lyrics it’s easy to see how The Big O laid the foundation for shaping a young Morrissey.

Comments Roy Orbison’s son, Roy Jnr:
“We love Morrissey! Morrissey’s hair, and melancholy and poetic lyrics always reminded me of my Dad. His version of “It’s Over” is great.” 

LP comments: 
When I would think of Morrisey and his music it was always with great respect and appreciation as I’m sure is the case with many of his fans. However, I soon realized when I hung out with him and he played me all the songs he was putting on this record that behind this was the heart of an audiophile and a deep fan of his own musical heroes. He is well versed in so many genres and knows deep cuts of artists I thought I knew so much about. It is inspiring to see the enthusiasm and intellect he brings to people through his own musical journey.

This track with LP isn’t the only collaboration; additional vocals on the album come from Green Day frontman Billie John Armstrong on Laura Nyro track ‘Wedding Bell Blues’, additional vocals on the album also come from Ed Droost, Ariel Engle, Sameer Gadhia, Lydia Night

2018 marked 30 years of Morrissey as a celebrated independent solo artist and 2019 promises to be an exciting year for Morrissey.