Natural born performer FRANKIE FAME releases new single ‘SPACE LOVE’

Check de single HIER.

Frankie Fame is a natural born performer, vocalist, ecstatic dancer, producer, multi-instrumentalist, all around sonic explorer & interstellar poster-boy.

After painstakingly honing his craft in the studio over the past few years, he is finally ready to claim his long due place on stage.

With catchy hooks and quirky grooves held together with a homemade brand of cosmic glue, Frankie Fame is definitely aiming to create a world of his own that’s both accessible and expanding.

Frankie Fame is an analog boy embracing the digital age ready to make hips sway and minds blow. Able to play solo sets, small setup or a full band blow out for the real deal, he’ll adapt to the needs of the venue.

Aiming big but staying real, Frankie Fame is made to stay.

About ‘Space Love’:
Space Love is a celebration of life, a story about the latent potential in any of us. Placing ourselves in perspective in the grandness of space. A form of escapism to reach into our true selves.