NETTA releases new single CUCKOO!


New Song Debuts on Eurovision: Europe Shine a Light, Out On DSPs
Listen HERE

Global quirk-pop master and Eurovision champ (2018 with “Toy”) Netta is back with her new song “Cuckoo”, a devastating heartbreaker of a ballad that feels eerily poignant given the state of the world currently. The song debuted just now as a part of Eurovision: Europe Shine A Light which aired a touching video of Netta performing the track with a custom-made music box. Also released today on DSPs is the official studio recording “Cuckoo”, which will also appear on the forthcoming EP, out this summer via S-Curve Records/BMG.


A noticeably somber shift for the Israeli artist/composer/songwriter who has made a name for herself (and notched over 1 billion streams globally!) for her bombastic, colorful and high-adrenaline pop, “Cuckoo” is a soulful ballad about feeling self-awarely stuck in a stalled relationship.
Whether over heartbreak or feeling emotionally disconnected during this current pandemic, the choral refrain is melancholic brilliance: “I’m like a bird in a cage and I’m going cuckoo”.

“This song was written about the feeling of being stuck in a loop, that you don’t know if you created yourself or someone else built for you. We decided to recreate this feeling with a music box. We worked over three months to build a custom-made music box, which was very tricky, because it’s an instrument that was manufactured by hand back in the 16th century. I’ve had this image stuck in my mind for a long time – a ballerina stuck inside a jewelry box, spinning around forever in a loop. Just like I’m afraid I might be,” said Netta. “Cuckoo is my confession. It reveals a vulnerable side of me, which I’ve never let anyone see before. I am in a place where everything happened to me really fast, and I can’t help but doubt.”