NEW FOUND LAND announces Belgian tour dates!

Anna Roxenholt is no stranger. In 2009 her debut album “We All Die” was released in Scandinavia, and already a year later, the sequel “The Bell” was released on her own label, Fixe Records and contributed to a first international success. August the 30th 2013 saw the release of her new record ‘New Found Land’  in the BeNeLux on Fixe Records via Rough Trade Distribution

In the beginning of the recording process of the third album the feeling that something had to change was growing stronger. Along with German and Swedish musicians Anna recorded the foundations of the album in the legendary Berlin studio “Chez Chérie”. Right after that, she traveled to Sweden and barricaded herself in her mother’s house in Dalsland. The change of environment provided the opportunity for significant reflection that ultimately led to insight. “As I sat there with my coffee, completely absorbed in my work, it was as if the penny dropped: New Found Land is me, alone.” The German/Swedish band collective New Found Land didn’t exist anymore which was really more of an insight than an actual breakup. Many songs on the album is about this particular development. Musically New Found Lands third album is more focused, the sprawling playfulness has given way to clarity. The pastel colors from poetry album “The Bell” has been sidelined, a new book has been opened, its pages filled with strong and sometimes quite dark strokes.

Berlin is Anna’s home since 2007, here she feels freer as a person and an artist than in her homecountry Sweden. Although she claims not to be in a desperate need of belonging to the Berlin club scene, you can hear on the songs that the city has made its mark. “Many great bands and DJs are coming to Berlin to play, it’s a luxury to be able to dive in when the mood takes you.” Gold Panda, Miracle Fortress and Little Dragon is music that has inspired. Depeche Mode is one of Anna’s favorite band, and she is fascinated by Arcade Fire and “the liberty they’re taking themselves.”

Now, Anna is about to start a string of concerts in Belgium and she’s available for phoners prior to her shows or face to face interviews on the show dates.

Concert dates:
30/10/2013 Rockhal Luxemburg
1/11/2013 De Ververij, Ronse
2/11/2013 Camping Hertogenwald, Eupen
19/03/2014 C-mine, Genk*
20/03/2014 Botanique, Brussels*
21/03/2014 De Kreun, Kortrijk*

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