New names for JAZZ MIDDELHEIM 2018!

An Antwerp summer is inconceivable without Jazz Middelheim. With everyone’s favourite season in sight, Jazz Middelheim is releasing new names for their 9 and 10 August line-up. Kamasi Washington, Bram Weijters’ Crazy Men, Nordmann, Dijf Sanders, MDC III and newcomer Steiger warm up the festival’s first day. On 10 August, world class Belgian artists take over the stage. Melanie De Biasio, Philip Catherine Reunion Band and De Beren Gieren are bound to marvel their audience on the Main Stage. On the Club Stage, Brussels Jazz Orchestra is celebrating their 25th anniversary with four unique projects: We Orchestrate Words, We Have A Dream, Kaneelvingers and Footprint. The 37th edition of Jazz Middelheim takes place from 9 to 12 August in Park Den Brandt. Ticket sales – also for multi-day passes – start immediately on!

9 August: Kamasi Washington & generation-transcending jazz
Kamasi Washington, the jazz saxophonist from Los Angeles who got a larger and younger audience into jazz thanks to his solo debut ‘The Epic’, continues to amaze with his latest EP ‘Harmony of Difference’. Bram Weijters brings you top notch jazz rock with his “Crazy Men” project, based on Koen De Bruyne’s cult album from 1974. On the Club Stage, the young Belgian scene’s finest will play their hearts out: the electrically charged Nordmann, Dijf Sanders’ boiling exotica, the seductive saxophone and drum of Mattias De Craene’s MDC III and Steiger, winner of Jong Jazztalent Gent 2017.

10 August: Belgian world class
The Belgian jazz scene is booming and this festival day is the living proof of it. After her widely acclaimed performance in 2016, Melanie De Biasio will undoubtedly be another festival highlight. For the first time ever live, Philip Catherine will bring together the artist line-up of his legendary LP ‘September Man’ (1974) for his Reunion Band. Jazz trio De Beren Gieren will show us why they just won the Klara Prize for Best Belgian Jazz-cd with their new album ‘Dug Out Skyscrapers’. On the Club Stage, Brussels Jazz Orchestra will celebrate their 25th birthday with four diverse projects. We Orchestrate Words merges rap, soul, grooves and jazz. We Have A Dream presents the pioneers of the protest song. The jazz orchestra behind Kaneelvingers interprets Stefan Hertmans’ homonymous collection of poems. Footprint takes you on a panoramic walk through BJO’s impressive recent oeuvre.

Contemporary art & jazz, like horse & carriage
For our official campaign poster, Antwerp visual artist Tinka Pittoors created the unique atmospheric sculpture “Jazzscaping” (2017). The dissonant rhythm between the saxophone, the hand, the miniature figurines and the sculptural structure, exudes jazz. Pittoors knows how to place ready-made objects in a self-engineered, artificial environment that still feels natural. Surprising your audience by having the familiar take an unexpected turn: a specialty mastered by every excellent jazz musician.

The entire programme of Jazz Middelheim will be announced soon! Tickets are for sale on or at Fnac stores.

Practical information
Jazz Middelheim
Park Den Brandt, Antwerp
Thu 9 August – Sun 12 August 2018
Info & tickets:

Thursday August 82018
[Main Stage] Kamasi Washington, Bram Weijters’ Crazy Men; [Club Stage] Nordmann, Dijf Sanders, MDC III, Steiger
Friday August 10 2018
[Main Stage] Melanie De Biasio, Philip Catherine Reunion Band, De Beren Gieren; [Club Stage] WOW (We Orchestrate Words), We Have A Dream, Kaneelvingers, Footprint

Saturday 11 & Sunday 12 August: TBC

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