New single for FRIENDS IN PARIS

The brand new, genre-hopping international duo Friends In Paris are releasing their second ever single into the world and It’s called ‘Be Right’.

After their eponymous debut Waiting, which was picked up by numerous blogs (over 500.000 plays on youtube and soundcloud combined), and a massively downloaded remix for Oscar & The Wolf, FIP dropped their second single called ‘Be Right’.

Off the back of this succes, 4 producers spontaneously offered to do a remix for this second single. The most famous one definitely being Villa (they already remixed Adele, Moby, Placebo, Royksopp,…) But 3 other young and upcoming talents also got their hands dirty with some remix action.

The duo known as Friends In Paris actually reside in separate continents – Kris Buckle is London bred and living in Australia, with producer David Newtron being Belgian born and inhabiting the UK’s capital. The former is a guitar driven singer/songwriter who has worked with dEUS and Vive la Fete, while recently musical directing and playing guitar with Liam Bailey who featured on Chase and Status ‘Blind Faith’. And David is known for being the writer, producer and frontman for The Subs, while producing for Lady Linn and The Van Jets and remixing the likes of La Roux, Chemical Brothers, Alt J and Cassius to name a few.

The single comes with four remixes – Villa emerges with squinted eyes on an evening sunset. The steady beat and soul delivered by the incredible Villa in this remix don’t fail to stop you in your tracks and turn up that volume dial. Just when you thought that was enough they hit you with the most beautiful vocal harmony taking the song to the next realm and leaving a heartfelt lump in your throat. These guys earn their name with every beat! Sensational!!

With his remix Mickey Valen takes flight and with it ‘Be Right’ takes to the clouds soaring over valleys canyons and vast oceans. This colourful remix without doubt takes the track to the dancefloor as you find your toe involuntary tapping, arms spread wide and swaying! This one will have you hitting that repeat button.

With Azion still being in High School it’s hard to believe such skill can come at such a young age. He gives a totally fresh and youthful view of the track with a thought provoking piano intro leading into an incredible digital foamy wash of synths and hard hitting beats and bass! Azion puts the track on your summer playlist! A chill step smasher!!

Revive Us has such a mature approach and takes a completely new and innovative view on the track. Drawing in on a guitar part almost inaudible in the original, Revive Us have you floating in what feels like some sort of futuristic psychedelic desert head space on a tropical safari.