NICOLAS MICHAUX releases new single ‘PARROT’ from upcoming album

Check the single HERE.

On July 22nd, the Belgian singer-songwriter Nicolas Michaux will release “Parrot”, the third single from his upcoming album Amour Colère. A long-time staple of his live set, “Parrot” shows Michaux at his most groovy, evoking both The Talking Heads and the Congolese rhythms that have long been an influence. The song features Morgan Vigilante’s tight, dry drum sound, a signature of Michaux’s production style, along with Michaux’s slippery and intelligent guitar and bass lines. Arranged by Ted Clark and Clement Nourry, both members of The Soldiers Of Love, Capitane Records’ resident band, Parrot is definitely a funky dance track tailored made for 2020. As Michaux sings “Listen to the words the parrot says and try to repeat” and “Is this a terminal world or just crippling entertainment ?” the song suggests a kind of political and social alienation and the paralyzation one feels in the face of mass media, global politics and the monolith that is online culture. In the words of Michaux, “It’s a frontal attack against the conformist and cowardly part that lies in us all”. Strong words for a strong track.

Nicolas Michaux is both a singer-songwriter and music producer. Born and bred in Belgium he now divides his time between Brussels, where he is part of the musical collective Capitane Records, and Samso, where he tends his garden and writes his songs. Michaux sings in both English and French and his music stands at the crossroads of different traditions: the great era of the French “chanson”, the American songwriters, the Brit rock of the 60s, and the early new wave. Still, he is guided by a distinctly personal spirit. His recordings feel homemade and communicate an organic modernity. His production style paints vivid sonic pictures rooted in an intimate knowledge of his instruments and the textures they evoke. Like a landscape painter, Michaux’s work often feels like a meditation on the living world, with the musical spectrum as his paint.

Michaux released the critically acclaimed debut album “A La Vie A La Mort” in France in 2016. “Amour Colere” will be released in September 2020 worldwide by Capitane Records.