NICOLAS MICHAUX releases video for single ‘CANCER’

Watch the video HERE.

BBC 6 Music-tipped Belgian singer-songwriter Nicolas Michaux is today sharing the Natalya Lobanova-animated video for the single, “Cancer’. The track is lifted from his recently-released album, Amour Colère which is out now via Capitane Records. The ten-track collection, which translates to ‘Love Anger’, is a collection of touching and personal songs to Michaux, recorded at his place on Samsø Island, Denmark during the winter and spring of 2019.

The touching centerpiece to the record, “Cancer” is a cold, straightforward statement that pays tribute to loss in Nicolas’s life after the passing of two close friends to cancer. Indeed, not a gram of flesh surrounds the words of Michaux as he nestles his voice amongst quickfire rhythms and jangle-pop guitar lines: “J’ai peur du Cancer depuis que t’as chopé le tien, J’ai peur du cancer même quand ça ne sert à rien” (I’m afraid of cancer since you caught yours, I’m afraid of cancer even when it’s useless) / “Une tumeur aggressive plus agressive que ça tu meurs” (An aggressive tumor, more aggressive than that you die).

“This one’s a brutal song,” says Michaux. “I can’t always sing it because it requires so much strength and focus to perform. Here, as with the other songs, I wanted to stick to reality; to how things happen in real life. In my youth, I saw two close friends die of cancer. I accompanied them and watched them leave. At the time, I didn’t have the words to express so much anger and sadness. Much later, one summer evening, this song came suddenly. I embraced it as it was.”

The music video for the song, drawn almost entirely by hand, was produced by London illustrator and animator Natalya Lobanova. Known for her collaboration with Kae Tempest and her drawings for The New Yorker, Lobanova is an artist who shines as much for the style of her line tone as for the accuracy of her words. The clip she makes here underlines and reinforces Michaux’s naked poetry.

Speaking about the video, Lobanova says: “We worked very collaboratively on this video which I always enjoy. The challenge was creating something that is visually beautiful, but still arresting, visceral, and somewhat literal, to match the meaning and the words of the song. The visual metaphor of crabs was Nicolas’ idea and I thought it was super clever – sufficiently visceral and kind of scary, but not too obvious either.”

Nicolas Michaux, who has performed previously alongside Damon Albarn and Tony Allen, is both a singer-songwriter and music producer. Born and bred in Belgium, he now divides his time between Brussels, where he is part of the musical collective Capitane Records and the Danish island of Samsø where he lives with his family. Michaux, who sings in both English and French, recorded the new album with his friend and collaborator, Morgan Vigilante on drums, sewing a sound that sonically segues between the great era of the French “chanson”, the American songwriters, 60s British rock, and the early new wave finding guidance by a distinctly personal spirit. His production style paints vivid sonic pictures rooted in an intimate knowledge of his instruments and the textures they evoke.