PALE GREY launch new single BLIZZARD!


Previously discovered on European festivals like Great Escape (UK), Mama (FR) or Dour (BE), Pale Grey comes back in 2017. Locked in their studio for more than a year, the band is back with a range of new titles mixing folk-pop, minor introspections, sounds experimentations, hip hop and electronica.

Today sees the launch of new single ‘Blizzard’, listen to the song here.

Based on « wave » files exchanges, Pale Grey’s music is a real collective work. Everything starts like a game with the envy to surprise others by sending pieces of works, tunes, new sounds they made and along the way it all create new sounds. The result of this is multifaceted musics, a mix of clarity and a deep research on sounds and emotions.

The process began in 2015, when the band ends up with two years on tour. The travels and the connections they made hone their tastes. By then, an apartment become their place to gather and the laboratory of this new album. It is a place to live, to play, to experiment production work and sounds researches. Compression, deterioration of the sounds matter, the samples are tools to express their state of mind.
Melancholia has become a way to convey emotions. They are convinced that to last, each tune has to touch, to carry the emotions they want to express.

Around mid 2016, the French producer Yann Arnaud (Air, Phoenix,…), took part of the project. He directly saw the huge potential of this mix of hot and cold sounds, the combination of the computer with real instruments, mix of ether and flesh, that make the particularity of Pale Grey’s music. Troughs the lyrics and the melody, Pale Grey works to reconcile the air with the ground, the aerial with the carnal.

The songs of ‘Waves’ have been refined in Paris, where they have had a perfect sized crucible made of darkness and light. The fusion succeed in multiple ways : fusion of samples as tribute ; fusion of voice and music ; fusion of genres (ref to the hip hop featuring with Serengeti (Anticon, Sisyphus Why?…), fusion of high tech and soft imperfections that offer kindness and intense humanity.

13/10/17 AB CLUB, Bruxelles – Release Party 
28/10/17 Beautés Soniques, Namur w/Isaac Illusion
04/12/17 Het Depot, Leuven
08/12/17 Caserne Fonck, Liège
10/12/17 Staminee De Living, Heist od Berg – BE