Please welcome the #SANTACLARA anthem, sung by EMILY ROBERTS!

Attention world! Ladies and Christmas elves – we’re looking at you!

Here’s a thought: Have you ever wondered why Santa Claus gets all the glory during Christmas while others are doing the hard work? Emily Roberts looks for an answer in her new song ‘#santaclara’. The powerful R&B song introduces a new ambassadress of a greater Christmas time – meet Santa Clara. Santa Clara is here to replace good ole Santa Claus. “To all the mothers, women, Christmas cookie bakers, to all the daughters, girls and Christmas makers,” this song is for you! Be proud!!

Watch the video for #santaclare here.

As a 23-year old Hamburg-based artist, Emily Robert’s big voice can be attributed to growing up in a bilingual artist family, which helped her discover her passion for music at an early age.

Emily bought her first guitar at the young age of 13. With guitar strings by her side, she became immersed in the entire Beatles catalogue and covered radio hits until her fingers could no longer strum.

But just as the guitar had lost its appeal, came Emily’s first heartbreak, that sparked a new creativity. The trying time pushed her to put her songwriting and composition skills to the test.

Deeply sad ballads in German were soon followed by timid attempts in English. This is where Emily’s talent emerged, her self-confidence grew and all at once, she had the courage to present her music to the public.

Two years ago, the head of the H.O.M.E.-studios, Franz Plasa, discovered Emily on a small stage in front of Hamburg concert venue “Knust” and signed her immediately. From that moment, the experienced producer, who has ties to Echt, Selig, Nena, and Udo Lindenberg, has been supporting and promoting the young talent in her development. Key to nurturing the young artist, Plasa has been giving her time and space to find her musical voice and to gently grow with her songs.

Now, the time for modesty and shying away is over. Emily wants to get it started and show everyone out there, who she is: A young, self-confident power woman with a matching powerful voice and excellent songwriting skills.

Her first album is in production and to be released at the beginning of 2017.