RHEINZAND presents new single ‘ELEFANTASI’ in 6 languages

Check the single HERE.

The new Rheinzand single ‘Elefantasi’ comes in no less than 6 languages. The original was written in Danish, in honor of Rheinzands Danish label, but further more there is a French, Italian, English, Spanish and Dutch version. There is also a ‘make your own version’ available. Whoever comes up with the best version in yet another language, will be rewarded with ‘illegal candy’.

The track was born as a tribute to Eisbär by Grauzone, a track that always had an influence on the band because of its perfect balanced position between pop and underground. That thin line, the edge of pop music, is something Rheinzand flirts with on their second album that will be released the 1st of April 2022 on the Danish label Music For Dreams. The second album will be titled: Atlantis Atlantis.

The 6 languages all have a slightly different story, although the basic idea remains the same: a pink elephant doesn’t like his colour anymore because people only seem to know him when they are tripping and high. Fair-weather friends is all he seems to have…

Yes, it’s a song about drugs and good times, but also about hangovers, loneliness, and a twist of identity crisis, all bundled in a feel good track with strange distorted sounds and disco strings. Pick you language and your mushroom and enjoy!