RHEINZAND release new single WE’LL BE ALRIGHT!

Rheinzand is back at it again releasing ‘We’ll Be Alright’, the first single from their upcoming album ‘Atlantis Atlantis’ imprinted Music For Dreams. The trio wrote the entire second album in about a month. ‘We’ll Be Alright’ was born about halfway through the writing process. The first batch of songs comes very easy, as you prepare those in your head. For this track, the first moment of fatigue kicked in, as some mistakes were made during the production. Some might say that mistakes have a negative connote, but these were or the greater good. Some chords were accidentally transposed, a “mistake” that resulted in the chorus as it is.

Starting with arpeggiated synth chords accompanied by the mellow piano playing throughout the track. Whether you’re walking with the head thumping 60’s bassline inspired bass line by Bruno Coussée and minimalistic drum pattern by Stéphane Misseghers or swimming in the atmosphere is driven by Mo Disko’s hidden gems and dance floor jams and the sitar guitar by Reinhard Vanbergen creating the perfect atmosphere for the message of hope in Charlotte Caluwaerts soothing vocals. You’ll already feel quite alright from the get-go after listening to ‘We’ll Be Alright’.

Rheinzand themselves say that “the song is about hope for the future, a return to freedom, and a perfect message to start a new album campaign. Rheinzand is back, and we’ll be alright, and so will you.”

This is the beginning of a rather song-based album.

“Where there are mistakes, there is experience.”- Anton Pavlovich Chekhov