RONDé launches single RUN!

It was in January 2014 that Rondé saw it’s first daylight, despite the different musical backgrounds, varying from pop to psychedelic, there was an instant chemistry between the musicians. Before they knew it, something that had started out as a school project suddenly got labeled as “the sound of 2015”.

Lead singer Rikki Borgelt (24), guitarist Armel Paap (21), keys player Adriaan Persons (18), bass player Cas Oomen (19) and drummer Sharon Zarr (21) make danceable Indie Pop and released their first single ‘Run’ on October 8th 2014. Within no time they were proclaimed ‘Serious Talent’ by 3FM and their ‘Run’ got bombed to ‘3FM MEGAHIT’ and also got chosen twice as ‘FavoRuudSchijf” (favorite single by one of the best known DJs of Radio 538).
‘Run’ is now on the playlist of all major Dutch radio stations, and became a huge airplay hit. On a cool side-note: they are still fully DIY, doing everything themselves!

 Even before the single ‘Run’ was released there already was a lot of attention for the band, with just one demo song online, they managed to get invited by all well established Dutch stages. Their first big show took place in the famous Paradiso in Amsterdam. After this, loads of shows followed.
‘Run’ is now being released in Belgium aswell.
Watch the live version here