Masterful singer-songwriter Rufus Wainwright unveils today “Pièce à vivre”, the French version of his song “Peaceful Afternoon” which has also been released in English. Both versions are available HERE.

“Peaceful Afternoon” can be found on his new album Unfollow The Rules coming out on April 24.

In times of such uncertainty throughout the world, “Peaceful Afternoon” evokes a sense of calm and togetherness that we could all use right about now.

When presented with the opportunity of recording a French version of his song, Rufus didn’t hesitate: “French is my second language as I grew up in Montreal. I love singing in French. It is a language that sings in itself. A la Claire Fontaine was one of the first songs I ever learnt as a child in my grandmother’s home in the Laurentians. I thought that Peaceful Afternoon with its cascading melody would work particularly well in French and I am really happy with the result. Renan Luce’s translation of the lyrics is quite beautiful and tasteful.”

The song “Peaceful Afternoon” is dedicated to his husband. “A thank you for putting up with me. It is now a requirement on every album that there is a song for my husband and another for my daughter. ‘Between sex and death and trying to keep the kitchen clean.’ Jorn’s the clean freak. I’m not, but we live under German house rules.”

Unfollow the Rules is Rufus Wainwright’s ninth studio LP and first new pop album since 2012. The album serves as both bookend to Act I of an extraordinary career which, like Unfollow The Rules, began in the studios of Los Angeles, but also now as the first lines of a remarkable new chapter. Unfollow the Rules keeps all of its promises. You can also see it as a summary and climax of the previous records. It’s his Graceland, his The Future or his Winterreise, albums or songs that have become classics and composed mid-career.

Unfollow the Rules has already been met with remarkable praise from some of Wainwright’s friends, fans, and fellow artists. “This is pop music on a grand scale; sweeping, symphonic, unabashedly emotional and fearlessly agnostic in style and delivery,” says Sting.

Carla Bruni adds: “I have always loved the music and the voice of Rufus Wainwright but this album is even more talented and daring than the others. His melodies and his voice take us into an unknown and yet familiar place… Wonderful album.”

Cyndi Lauper describes the album as “Rufus’ PET SOUNDS. It sounds like a culmination of everything he has done. It’s a great album, catchy and intelligent.”

Long applauded as an ingenious, compellingly charismatic live artist, Wainwright has slated a wide-ranging global tour schedule for 2020, including international headline dates, top-billed festival performances, and more. Tickets are available now.

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