SAM DE NEF presents first single from debut album

Listen/download HERE.

Sam De Nef just finished recording his debut album. Dawn/Dusk is set for release this fall. We’re proud to share a first taste with you. Opening track ‘Passerby’s Ghost’ is a duet with Chicago based singer Tenci.

Passerby’s Ghost is a concise and dreamy pop song with captivating lyrics written by Sam’s brother. The song deals with an out-of-body experience during a dream, and how seeing yourself from a different perspective can be a revelatory experience. While watching his own body sleep, he realizes he is not being his true self. The hurting is over when this becomes more clear. Living in someone else’s coat is a waste of time anyway.

On his search for a vocalist, Sam got in touch with Jess from Tenci, who immediately agreed to join in. ‘I was looking for a female voice, preferably someone I didn’t know and someone who sings in an unpredictable way. The first time I heard Jess sing I was intrigued. Her vocal moves and twists in all directions. She sounds sweet and eerie at the same time.