SAY YES DOG launches new single STRONGER!

Time Out London describes them as ‘… a Dutch / Luxembourgian / German synth-pop act with more hooks than a fisherman’s tackle
box’ while Vice/Noisey pronounces them to be the Next Big Thing.
Of course, we have all witnessed many a supposed next big thing vanish into oblivion. But with Aaron, Pascal and Paul (aka Say Yes Dog), matters are different; there is substance. Their debut- EP ‘A Friend’ (2013) sold a couple of thousands copies and the eponymous title track become a
digital hit generating nearly a million clicks. Since then, Say Yes Dog have played more than a hundred shows, appearing everywhere from clubs in Paris and London to Europe’s renowned showcase festivals (Reeperbahnfestival/DE, Eurosonic/NL, The Great Escape/UK). They have supported Junip on the European leg of their tour and have been booked two years in a row for one of Europe’s biggest independent festivals, the prestigious Primavera Sound Festival in Barcelona.
This entire buzz because of a meagre EP? Here’s what Say Yes Dog have to say: ‘It was rather amusing to see how far we got with only these four songs…It was like we were bluffing and sometimes we felt like we were about to be found out and would have to go home and start being a proper band. Somehow we’re still waiting.’
It was Fusion Festival in Germany that turned the friends into a band. Being huge fans of electronic music, the three wanted to go this festival no matter what. Sadly, Fusion was completely sold out. But Say Yes Dog had a plan. The asked a friend to film them performing, send the clip to
Fusion’s organising team and unbelievably managed to get a slot at the festival. ‘Now we had tickets for the entire gang, but we didn’t have enough songs to fill a set. So what happened was, we sat down and wrote a couple more.’ Said and done. That’s how ‘A Friend’ came to be.
And now, mid 2015, the three are embarking on the next steps – a major one being the release of their debut album ‘Plastic Love’ recorded by Ash Workman known for his collaboration with Metronomy amongst others. An influence with audible consequences for the band’s sound: Expect enticing electronic pop filled to the brim with clever hooks, funky basslines and some melancholic touches. How would they describe their sound themselves? ‘Straightforward and straight to the heart and legs: that’s how Say Yes Dog sounds.’ Oh Yes.
Watch the video for Stronger here
What the International Press has to say about Say Yes Dog
‘Diese Band funktioniert wie ein physikalisches Gesetz: Wenn Say Yes Dog spielen, fängt das Publikum innerhalb der ersten drei Songs an zu tanzen.’ (Intro)
‘If you like Hot Chip, you’ll love this lot.’ (The Guardian, Band of the day November 2013)
“‘Girlfriend’ [employs] the same pasty-faced funk of Hot Chip, but with Metronomy’s cheapsounding keyboards and ear for a melody. These guys can stick around.” (The Monitors)
‘Plastic Love’ will be released on September the 4th through Diskodogs Records and Cargo.