STAN LEE COLE releases his new album ‘THAT’S WHY WE WEEP’ today!

In May 2013 Stan Lee Cole’s (Stijn Cole) debut album ‘Devil’s Ringtone’ was warmly welcomed by press and public. Cole, being the piano player for the TV show Scheire en de Schepping, decided to put out his debut album as a free download on the website of VIER. That resulted in 10.000 people downloading it. You could say it went virtual gold.

With the single ‘Separated’ Stan Lee Cole won the first prize in the prestigious ISC (International Songwriting Competition), which has a jury with well-known members as Tom Waits, Nas, Robert Smith, Suzanne Vega and Francis Black. ‘Separated’ got major airplay on Radio 1, Studio Brussel, Radio 2 and Q-music.The video for ‘Separated’ won many international prizes (too many to mention), won third place on Leuven Kort, and was nominated for a MIA.

Because of all the buzz Stan Lee Cole caught the eye of producer Jo Bogaert, who’s known for his worldwide hit single ‘Pump Up The Jam’, but also for his later work with Gabriel Rios (Broad Daylight). Bogaert suggested that Cole should write 20 songs, mainly ballads.

Stijn: “When I had written 10 ballads I was so into it that Bogaert’s second request – “Also write some up-tempo songs” – resulted in even more ballads. By then, the only songs I could create were slow songs. There was no escaping them. Even when I started with a fast rhythm I eventually ended up with a slow song. It felt like it had to be slow, and in the end I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Slow but intense, that’s why we weep.”

‘That’s Why We Weep’ is out today on Cole’s own label Cole Park Records via NEWS distribution.

Concert dates
16/04 Het Depot, Louvain
26/04 Charlatan , Ghent