STREAMS launches new single MY CASE!

Watch the video HERE.
Streams is the alter ego of London singer Nina Babet. 
Stepping into 2019, you can hear & feel the Streams’ sound evolving with an air of confidence. That conviction shines through in the catchy songwriting of her new release ‘My Case’.  
“It’s a song about  conversations going nowhere” says Nina “then in the end all you left with are just lots of opinions and not much else. “ 
Her emotive expressive voice carries the narrative throughout while the production with longtime collaborator ‘Yannic Fonderie’ brings a relaxed warmth & charm with its wide, stuttering synths and light rolling beats. 
Singing with a wry irony about how important opinion is…while at the same time finding courage to  voice one, it’s a song of paradoxes. Rather like Streams herself or is it Nina Babet?…
Nina Babet is no stranger to the music scene, singing has been the only thing she has ever done since her teenage years. She got into background singing after moving to Belgium and has sung with & supported Belgiums finest artists with her beautiful voice. 
You get the sense this musical journey of Streams is all about authenticity. “When it comes down to songs, I just try to get out of my own way and be as open as possible without limit myself to a certain style or genre.” she says “That’s the beauty of creating music. You never quite know what form it will take when it comes. The unknown, that’s the place I like to be”