SUKILOVE launches new single ‘SOMEHOW SOMEDAY’!

Sukilove are releasing their new single ‘Somehow Someday‘ this week. The man behind the band is still Pascal Deweze, whom we know from Mitsoobishy JacsonBroken Glass Heroes, and Metal Molly. Two raging drummers (Stoffel Verlackt & Helder Deploige) set the pulse of this new song. A psychedelic choir, and guitars (Sjoerd Bruil) that forgot to take their meds do the rest. This is the second single of Sukilove’s newest album “Drunkaleidoscope”. All the major websites & magazines critically acclaimed the album.

The song is accompanied by a video that was made by Noah Melis. The clip is a psychedelic (or ‘insane’) startstop-montage of black&white images that flow on the rhythm of the song. You can check it out here!

The band is aiming for a well-filled festival calendar. The dates of these shows will be communicated later on.