Swiss sensation PEGASUS release their much acclaimed and platinum selling ‘HUMAN TECHNOLOGY’ in Belgium today!

PEGASUS are the pinnacle of new Swiss pop. This has overcome its reservations, becoming daring and innovative and creating a new sound that’s all its own. This and their uncompromising determination is what makes PEGASUS absolutely irresistible – something they’re about to prove with the release of their platinum selling debut album, ‘Human.Technology‘ in Belgium today.

Human.Techology‘, is very much of our time – a time that’s characterised by hedonism and isolation. The album is located in that explosive, highly topical zone between technology and humanity. The songs dance lightly and confidently across this field of conflict, and their infectious mixture of harmony with just the right degree of defiant dissonance gives rise to emotions that all those who find themselves confronted with similar contradictions can relate to. The songs of the album contain references to the Mars landing (‘Man on Mars‘), the pressures of society and the desperation these can provoke (‘Technology‘), the triumph and fall of the Urban Generation (‘Skyline‘), and the dark side of society (‘City Lights‘), as well as depression and the hope that can emerge from it (‘Rise Up (Black Dog)‘). The songs’ musical spectrum ranges from dance to pop to epic stadium-rock.

Check out the clip for single ‘Skyline’ here!

The album is set for a release in Belgium through PIAS today (April the 22nd).