THE BONY KING OF NOWHERE releases the demo versions of SILENT DAYS!

Stream/download ‘Silent Days, the demo recordings’ HERE

In early 2016 Bram Vanparys bought a piece of land in the green hills of Flanders and lived there in an old shabby trailer. It was there he started writing the songs that would eventually form the critically acclaimed and MIA awarded record ‘Silent Days’. In 2017 he started spreading around the demos he recorded in his trailer and ever since the album’s release, people kept asking to hear those precious demos.

Now , half a year after the release of ‘Silent Days’, The Bony King of Nowhere collected those raw demo recordings on a new release. Here’s a little fragment out of the liner notes that go with it:  
‘This record contains a selection of eight demos that I recorded in this trailer between August 2016 and May 2017. They are the same songs I worked on in 2017 and released on the Silent Days record. None of the tracks are actually mixed, all of the mistakes were left in and the wrong lines I sang in gibberish were left as I first uttered them in order to maintain the authenticity of these raw recordings. Now, more than two years later I still relate to the purity and sincerity of these demos. It’s by far the most personal collection of recordings I have ever released and it means a lot to me to be able to share this chapter with you.’

29/04 Het Depot, Leuven
30/04 De Roma, Antwerpen