THE DEAD COLOR release first single CYANIDE from their debut album!

The Dead Color is a Belgian synthesizer four-piece, founded early 2012 and now marking the release of its self-titled debut album.
With friendly nods to Moroder, Vangelis and New Order, singer Erik VH gets noticed on Studio Brussel (Vibe On Air) with the song ‘Reds’. Soon afterwards he is joined by Pieter B on drums with Diederik Haegeman and Pieter De Cnudde on synths. Different guys with similar views. A perfect match.
March 2012, with only a handful of songs on the setlist, The Dead Color supports Example (UK) in the Main Hall of the Ancienne Belgique. Quite the moment as it is in fact the band’s very first gig! On stage The Dead Color is a side-by-side setup with three synths and an upright electronic drum kit. A visual and musical tightness that doesn’t go unnoticed at contest De Beloften (silver medal), but also draws the attention of Kosheen (UK) who let The Dead Color be their support in Vk*, Brussels.
Throughout 2012 The Dead Color writes and records in-between shows and works up a diverse collection of songs. From the opening pulses of ‘Wasteland’, the progressive waves of ‘Synthia Rhodes’ to the fading static of the introverted ‘Lower Shields’, this band shows a tendency of layering vibrant chords, alienating noise and cold reverb onto melodious songs. Songs of which ten have found their way to their debut. Wide ranged, fully focused and unmistakably part of The Dead Color.

First single to precede the album is ‘Cyanide’, a slow-paced synthfest with vocoded hooks and a mood capturing video.

Watch the video for ‘Cyanide’ here:

‘The Dead Color’ will be released on January the 27th via NEWS.