THE FJORDS make stunning debut with single ‘ALL IN’

Sweeping, enigmatic and grandiose – perhaps in this regard, The Fjords are not so dissimilar to their natural namesake. But delve a little deeper, and the gleaming surface becomes surprisingly sinister. The band’s origins extend little more than a year ago, with what was Vagån’s solo dissertation at Trondheim Jazz Conservatory growing fourfold to include Oscar Grönberg (synth, vocals), Bardur Reinert Poulsen (bass, synth, vocals) and Kim Christer Hylland (drums, electronics, vocals).

Though still in their musical infancy, The Fjords have lured fans and industry alike; showcasing at Norway’s esteemed By:Larm conference, alongside appointments at Trondheim Calling, Pstereo and Sørveiv. Add to that NRK P3 playlisting and a host of tastemaker tippings (including Spotify’s “Spotlight 2015” and WiMP’s “Top 100 of 2014”) and you have one of this year’s most promising debutantes.

Propelled by a soft, mechanical heartbeat, new single ‘All In’ serves the first synth-savvy introduction to the Norwegian four-piece. Fresh from premiering on The 405, ‘All In’ displays the Nordic noir for which the band is renowned; opening in quiet contemplation before reaching its cinematic climax.

At its core, the track recounts love/lust at first sight – a common trope, though not traditionally reinforced with gospel choir backing and ‘Earth Song’-ready crescendos. “It’s about the electric, tingling feeling of really wanting somebody,” explains primary songwriter Petter Vågan.

Petter Vågan (The Fjords) and Line Klungseth Johansen, Øystein Moen (Helmet/directors) about the video:  “First off, we made the video bonding over our shared nostalgic love for all things Eighties. It is where we spent our childhoods, and also formed the onset of the digital age. The music video is ambiguous when it comes to drawing a line between reality and fantasy. Where the fantastical aspect ends and reality takes over, is up the individual viewer. Thematically you have the smaller, personal story – which is the young kid dealing with his oppressors. On a larger scale, we wanted to shed light on the incredible speed of technological developments, both in online social networks, gaming, TV, etc, and our place in it, as humans. We´re living amidst the biggest social experiment to date, and ethical boundaries can get blurry when we´re in the thick of it.”

‘All In’ is out now and is lifted from The Fjords forthcoming debut album, which is set for release in 2015 via Propeller Recordings.