THE IRREPRESSIBLES’ new album ‘NUDE’ out on Jan the 25th.

In 2010 a short film showcasing ‘In This Shirt‘ by art-pop orchestra The Irrepressibles became an online phenomenon. Startling original, the stunning visuals and homoerotic imagery proved a pertinent introduction to one of the UK’s most innovative bands. With a mantra to “make something that portrays the real originality, drama and intensity of life”, The Irrepressibles first incarnation was described by their leader Jamie McDermott as a ”performance orchestra’, choreographed and fronted by McDermott. This “enchantingly theatrical pop extravaganza” (SUNDAY TIMES) and accompanying album ‘Mirror Mirror‘ played out to packed houses around the globe and garnered bountiful critical plaudits. On January the 25th THE IRREPRESSIBLES return with a new album showcasing a new direction. This latest work combines dark electronica with organic orchestration and is – in their words – an attempt to explain “the rich complexity of life“. ‘NUDE‘ is a raw, elements inspired work with a focus on the passing of time and memory. It is expansive and atmospheric in it’s orchestration with powerful melodies and iconoclastic arrangements that are both very European and in many ways American-iconic in style. The album features the singles tracks ‘ARROW‘, ‘PALE SWEET HEALING‘, ‘TWO MEN IN LOVE‘, ‘NEW WORLD‘, and ‘TEARS‘. Sonic influences can clearly be heard ranging from Phil Spector, 80’s Chris Isaaks, Doo-wop masters The Flamingos, Godspeed You Black Emperor, the dark country style of Neil Young, and even Japanese electronica, and ABBA.
Described by The Independent’s Simon Price as ‘one of Britain’s best kept secrets’; quite a title to own… On the first single “ARROWMcDermott tells the story of a clumsy boy finding himself to be different – the turmoil of his adolescence – and his coming of age through his love for another boy. It is a deeply poetic piece about the beauty of the human spirit and how tender and fragile this is. The track combines ‘McDermott’s confessional lyrics and sky-scraping voice‘ with dramatic Fassbinder / Kenneth Anger styled orchestrations and dark european electro to create a driving emancipation of a track.  On the 28th May ‘ARROW”s music video directed by McDermott appeared on The Irrepressibles website and youtube and racked up thousands of hits in the first two hours alone and has continued to go viral being picked up by the fashion and gay press.  Watch the video here <> !  ‘NUDE‘ will be released on January 25th through Rough Trade Distribution..      The Irrepressibles will be in Belgium for interviews in the 3rd week of January!.