THE IRREPRESSIBLES release their new single ‘Two Men In Love’ worldwide on Valentines Day!

On Valentines Day 2013 UK Artestra* THE IRREPRESSIBLES will release the third and final single from their “courageous and uplifting* ”   sephomore album ‘NUDE‘.

Two Men In Love‘ is a beautifully intimate confession of powerful love between two men in the face of an unaccepting world. McDermott‘s exposed honesty moves over minimal piano echoing into the landscape as a moment of poignant inner reflection. With a heart beat and the lyric “when I look into your eyes, there’s a danger inside” the track builds intensity and then expands into a celebratory affirmation – lifted by Penguin Cafe Orchestra styled polyphonic string arrangements and Kate Bush -like choral refrains.

The single also features the B-side ‘Our World It Fell So Quietly‘ . Acting as an emotionally driven moon-side to the optimistic lead track, McDermott sings about a lost love amongst a similarly intimate arrangement which features   darkly rich cinematic string arrangements, Lynchian electric guitars and Simone -esque pianos.

On the same date the music video for ‘Two Men In Love‘ has gone live. A video collage formed of kisses sent in by lovers across the world will affirm THE  IRREPRESSIBLES message of an unabashed universal love.

You can watch the result here: