THE RHYTHM JUNKS release their new record BEATEN BORDERS on March the 1st!

Think about pickles when you try to understand The Rhythm Junks. They are the tasty combination of three vegetables one would not easily combine: gherkin, cauliflower and silver onion. Only when these three vegetables come together in this recipe, one will feel that the whole of this combination tastes better than the sum of its parts. The Rhythm Junks are much alike. The three band members differ quite a bit in musical background, but they create something that transcends the addition of their genes which are made out of jazz, pop, rock, funk, soul and blues. Three musicians, three generations, and yet looking in the same direction.

Moreover, their musical interplay is a gate into a world where everything is different. Behind that gate, the only sure thing is that there are no certitudes. In the world of The Rhythm Junks all of a sudden the jazz man can be the one pleading for more electronica or pop segments. In this world it is possible that the junior appears to have the oldest soul. It is a world where music is the lingua franca and where life is fed by groove and, indeed, rhythm.

For their third album Beaten Borders, The Rhythm Junks have stripped down to a trio. The horn section from the previous albums Virus B-23 (2004) and Pop Off (2007) was shelved in favor of an extremely wide space. Nevertheless, this didn’t lead to an urge to start filling everything up. On the contrary. The lighter parts were cut down and a general direction came up, focussing on the songs. The music consciously was kept more intimate, solo’s had to move out of the spotlights, the songs found the feeling of a musical daydream, and yet The Rhythm Junks keep off the beaten tracks. ‘Maybe Slowly’? Right about time… On Beaten Borders The Rhythm Junks succeeded to record an album with less, resulting in much more. This might as well be their best album so far.

Release shows:
AB, Brussel
01.03 Arenbergschouwburg, Antwerpen
03.03 Vooruit, Gent
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Release dates: First single ‘Checking In’ on January 25
album ‘Beaten Borders’ on March 1 through Gentle Recordings/Universal.

Steven De bruyn – vocals, harmonica, slide guitar, omnichord
Jasper Hautekiet – bass, vocals, keys
Tony Gyselinck – drums, electronic percussion