THE SMASHING PUMPKINS launch new single ‘DRUM + FIFE’ with a spectacular video!

The Smashing Pumpkins are launching second single ‘Drum + Fife’ from their recent album ‘Monuments to An Elegy’ which was released last December. Describing the video that goes along with the single and that explores the ravages that war leaves behind, directors Ahlander/Antiga explained “Our aim was to create a film which was poetic and yet made a very direct statement about war, conflict and how we acclimatize ourselves from an early age to this course of action”

On the making of the video, Billy Corgan says “I asked, albeit in an allegorical way, for the video to represent what our returning soldiers are going through with PTSD, and I feel that the directors captured that with poignancy. I couldn’t be more proud of the message we’re sending, that we care what happens to those that are out there hurting.”

‘Monuments to An Elegy’ is out since December the 8th 2014 through BMG Chrysalis and a PIAS distribution