THE VISUAL’s new album A NIGHT BY THE SHORE is out now!

Listen to ‘A Night By A Shore’ HERE
On third album ‘A Night By The Shore’, out today, The Visual has left struggle in the rear view. Like a rapidly flourishing, snaking network of vines, this collection of recordings finds lead songwriter/producer Amor van Rij enraptured with existence and all its innate complexities. The shadow of melancholy makes way for courting more exhilarating unknowns.

“This album is about opening yourself up to vulnerability. It doesn’t always have to be a love story, but also talk about the way you generally feel about life. With the risk of you getting hurt, what you get in return is the experiences themselves. And it’s impossible for me not to chase down those experiences.” Sonically, this LP marks a significant leap of faith. With its seductive synth atmospherics and beckoning vocals, “Water Runs Deep” captures Amor more outwardly romantic than ever. It’s a song about surrendering to your own dreams and sensations with utmost devotion, bellowing them into existence.

Recording at Pieterjan Coppejans (Eefje de Visser, Sylvie Kreusch) Robot Studios in Ghent, A Night By The Shore captures a newfangled balance between pop and experimentation. Having toured extensively with the lineup of Timon Persoon (synths/electronics), Django Trienes (guitars/effects) and Christophe Claeys (drums/percussion), Amor sets her sights on capturing the live chemistry built over time in the songs. This embrace of imperfection and impulse is expressed by exploring her instincts further as a studio producer. The stellar string section on the title track recalls some of Nigel Godrich’s more sonorous pop productions, such as Beck’s Sea Change or Thurston Moore’s Demolished Thoughts. Darrell Thorp – who also worked on the later record – performed additional mixing.

Having moved from Amsterdam to Antwerp about a year before the pandemic has introduced her to a community of like-minded artists and individuals. Establishing these new connections served as a safety net, mending some thoughts of alienation expressed through The Visual’s earlier material. The Shore sees an artist take all comers with wider eyes and a more open heart, fearlessly courting the unfamiliar and living life through her own lens. “This record is very much about pulling yourself out of the dark days and visualizing what it takes to become happy. Not in a pedantic way, rather by simply questioning things. All of the people I tend to admire have been loners and misfits. So this is my world, and this is how I choose to shape it.”

25/01/23 Django, Gent