THEO LAWRENCE & THE HEARTS debut album out today!

Watch the video for first single ‘Never Let It Go’ HERE

‘Homemade Lemonade’, Theo Lawrence & The Hearts debut album is out today through BMG. It’s a captivating first record. Although previously unknown, the songs’ presence is instantaneous, as if they’d always been there. It may be soul, or maybe rock, but above all it’s youth, ripping up certainty and building it’s own alter to the glory of eternal rhythm. It deviates more than it shines. Despite their shared savoir-faire, their undisputable mas- tery of their instruments and a conscious control freak attitude, emotion always overcomes in this craftwork of the heart. Planets aligned and eras intertwined for the best. The listener rapidly loses interest in knowing if Theo Law- rence & The Hearts come from here or there as the songs effortlessly take hold, fearlessly teasing the horizon. And there a voice, with an uncanny accent – impressively impossible to identify as French to say the least – singing of ex- istence with tangible empathy and versatility.

The album is called ‘Homemade Lemonade’. Fourteen-year-old Theo promised himself that this would be the name of his first album one day… Eight years have passed and now Theo is upholding the promise he made to his previous self. And he’s done well to. It’s a pact that has stood the test of time. When he speaks of Don Cavalli, Alabama Shakes, the Ramones and Aretha Franklin, of 60’s Thai and Cambodian mu- sic, of Willie Nelson, of Joe Tex, Ray Charles, Neil Young and gospel, of Delta or Tarantino, all with that same fire burn- ing in his eyes, it is quickly apparent that he defends no fixed position. Only his passion.

The record first leaves listeners impressed by its audacity and talent, before leaving them with a smile on their face. Theo Lawrence & The Hearts are just getting started.

Stream/download the album HERE.