TOO TANGLED has a new single and it’s called LUST FOR BLOOD

„Lust is all, we need to feel the seconds beat again…I’m begging you to see me through another pair of shades..Lust for lust, lust for life lust for rushing blood…wreck and ruin, I tear down every single line I see..”
Lust for blood is an ode to the unpredictable, to lust. their wake-up call against the well known habits. an ode to the unpredictable beginning and getting rid of worn out paths.
Kill the rest of your darlings for a full reset.
It’s a statement to express their fear to get stuck in worn out ways.
Watch the video here.
Too Tangled will be in concert on:
27/11 Suck it and See/Indiestyle/Bonnefooi Brussel
12/12 AB Brussels (support The Scabs)
10/01 Trefpunt-Club Gent
5/02 Beatnik Beerse
21/02 Belvédère Namur