VAN MORRISON is coming to Gent Jazz this summer!

With Sting’s festival day already completely sold out, it’s time to announce another summer of 2020 headliner: Van Morrison! The legendary singer-songwriter is heading for Gent Jazz on Sunday, July 12.
Precisely 55 years ago this week, Van Morrison and his Northern Irish band Them unleashed the rock & roll classic ‘Gloria’ on the world – as a B-side! His first solo single, the timeless ‘Brown Eyed Girl’, dates back to 1967. And a year later, with Astral Weeks, Van Morrison would make one of the best pop records of all time (and one of the few albums that the ridiculously skeptical music bible Pitchfork ever gave 10/10). So, when we say that, with Van Morrison, there will be a living legend on stage at Gent Jazz, that’s really a ridiculous understatement.
Mind you, Van Morrison, or – as his fans call him – Van the Man is more than an almost holy relic. The now 74-year-old icon still makes music, and according to the British newspaper The Guardian, he even made his best album in over twenty years this year, with Three Chords & The Truth. And for those who now think “well, yeah, he probably only made two albums in the past twenty years”: the exact number is fifteen, and almost all of them have been well-received.
But according to The Guardian, Three Chords & The Truth is just that little bit more unique, and the newspaper isn’t the only one who feels that way. Q Magazine wrote that Morrison “languidly strolls though the light and dark of his past stylistic glories”, while Pitchfork noted that the singer-songwriter still sounds incredible – “his voice deepened and richer with age” – and that “for Morrison, there are always mysteries left to articulate.”
Add to that that Van Morrison’s live reputation is greater than the Great Wall of China, and you know that July 12 will be a day to remember, for a very long time.
The presale for July 12 starts on Friday, December 6 at 9 am via